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The Handbook of corporate records: meetings, minutes and resolutions from lawyer Antonio Mancuso

“The Handbook of corporate records: meetings, minutes and resolutions” by Anthony Mancuso is a resource book six hundred pages that contain only what the cover says it does. Is a very good book of forms that will allow readers to use the book to document all you have to keep records to retain your business. This is not a book to help you understand your business, in fact, Mancuso wrote a separate book entitled “embed your Business” to help with the formation of the company. This book is for after the company is formed and need help to conduct business matters on an ongoing basis. The book is published by Nolo, which means that, in General, is the language that is easily understandable by everyone, not just lawyers. Although I am an attorney, I still like the books that Nolo puts out. They are good for the layman and lawyer alike. And this book is truly a great book of shapes.

This book is designed to help the reader to care management responsibilities as document and hold meetings of shareholders and directors, business document adopted without a meeting and to agree on common business decisions in business and tax law course. The book will be very useful for small businesses with up to 35 shareholders and 50 employees. Large companies most likely will want a lawyer who handles most of these, but for the family-owned business and smaller, this book will be of great benefit.

The book begins with a very brief chapter that advises how to organize your corporate records and search for laws alone. The second chapter has short information about meetings, minutes and written authorizations, basically as a corporate action. This is followed by a chapter on the steps to hold a meeting and the necessary forms to document it. From there, the chapters follow a logical and easy-to-follow format, covering: how to hold meetings of the directors or shareholders, preparation of various minutes, acclaim, many types of resolutions, including taxes, change laws, conflicts, loans and so on.

There is also a short chapter on how to find the right lawyer or tax adviser. This brings the 337-page book, and there’s a lot of good information to assist with doing things right and fill out the form correctly. The rest of the book is the Appendix. There are instructions on how to use the CD-ROM with the book, which contains all the forms and some information about localizing depot of State offices and state laws online. The book has therefore all forms of tearing or sample module, but I imagine that most people use the same forms that can be found on the CD-ROM. Having them in the book allow you to look and see if this is what you need before you can use the disc closed quickly.

This is a very useful guide for small business to keep them up-to-date and accurate business records. There are sample forms for just about anything you’ll need. If you have trouble keeping your records, they don’t know what records to keep, or just an easier way to do it, get this book and use it.

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